Short-Term Missions Teams


Come to Uganda on a Short-Term Mission Trip Through AGM

Individual or Group Trips:
Agape Global Missions receives teams throughout the year and will plan and facilitate a trip for you as an individual, church or school group to Uganda.  You will receive pre-field training, and our staff will assist in setting up an itinerary that will enhance your spiritual growth and offer fun while doing cross-cultural ministry.
Agape Global Missions will coordinate your travel arrangements, and prepare a ministry schedule in Uganda that will utilize your gifts and talents with the assistance of our field missionaries led by our founder Dr. Linda Marcell.  Contact us today for your missionary adventure to Uganda, East Africa!

About Uganda

Uganda, picturesque country situated in Eastern Africa is a land of great beauty and mystery, with extremes of wealth and poverty and modern advances.  Because of Uganda's location on the Equator, the climate is one of perfection, with temperatures ranging from 70-80 degrees F, very low humidity and sunshine filled days.  Delicious tropical fruit is accessible year round including an abundance of pineapple, and fresh vegetable readily available.

The country of Uganda has a rich history of multiculturalism because of its over 50 tribes and societies.  There is a deep sense of pride in their traditions and yet an overwhelming desire to cultivate a contemporary civilization.  Ugandans place a very high value on education and religious freedom, as you will schools and churches on every corner.

The doors are wide open for ministry in Uganda and bordering countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Congo and Southern Sudan.  Because Uganda and other countries in East Africa are still ravaged by poverty, tribal conflict and AIDS, churches schools and universities allow Christian organizations to come in and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Agape Global Missions is based in Kampala, Uganda, and extends its arms of ministry to the bordering countries of Kenya, Sudan and Rwanda.  You will never look at worship the same after you have enjoyed the experience with your African brothers and sisters in East Africa.  Come to Uganda to help us in making a difference!


Our vision is to reach out with arms of love to give orphans, children and the youth at risk in Uganda a chance of having a bright future.


Children's Ministry:
  • Volunteering at orphanages and baby homes
  • Assist local churches with Sunday School and VBS programs
  • Evangelism and discipleship programs for primary schools
Youth & Young Adult Ministry:
  • Creating programs for high school that involve music, drama, testimony, dance with a clear gospel message
  • University Bible studies, evangelism and discipleship
Adult Ministry:
  • Bible teaching and conferences on various topics
  • Counseling training and personal ministry
  • Church Planting
  • Spiritual and economic empowerment seminars for church leaders
  • Discipleship groups
  • Women seminars and conferences
  • Intercessory Prayer Walks & Trainings

We welcome medical teams, preachers, youth from all sectors of life to come to Uganda and be a blessing.


Bibles Donated to St. Mary Kevin by Pastor Roxanne

Bibles Donated to St. Mary Kevin by Pstr. Roxanne

Pastors from Tennessee visit the orphanage in Uganda

Pastors from Tennessee visit the orphanage in Uganda

Counselors Prepare for School of Trauma Counseling

Counselors Prepare for School of Trauma Counseling

Minister Shirley Bell with children in Uganda

Minister Shirley Bell with children in Uganda