About Us


Who Are We?

Agape Global Missions, Inc is a 501(c) (3) federal tax exempt mission organization that was founded in May, 2002 by Dr. Linda F. Marcell. The ministry is governed by a board of directors and is based in Inglewood, California, USA. The organization is also a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Uganda, East Africa. Our mission is to obey and fulfill the Great Commission: “Go into all the world and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Our Vision:

Agape Global Missions was established with a vision to enhance the understanding of the Great Commission through mission education, consultations and vision trips.  We seek to encourage and empower believers as global Christians using their gifts, talents and resources to further the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Agape Global Missions has a current mission focus in East Africa, and has established an East African office in Kampala, Uganda. The heart of our global outreach is to spread the love of God by word and deed into the uttermost parts of the world.  Its purpose is to empower and strengthen the Church, disciple new believers, evangelize the lost, and take hope, healing and restoration, to the poor, deprived and persecuted people in various nations throughout the world.

Our Mission:

To take God’s demonstration of love through Christ into a lost world by:

  • Empowering and encouraging development of global-minded believers to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Proclaiming the gospel message through holistic ministry, strategic evangelism, discipleship training, leadership development, and church planting.
  • Preparing and equipping believers for cross-cultural ministry.
  • Creating missions awareness and education.
  • Coordinating mission activities at home and abroad that will offer believers practical hands-on experience in ministering cross-culturally and globally.
  • Networking and partnering with mission organization, churches, and ministries to reach the lost specifically in East and Central Africa.
  • To provide Biblical counseling, trauma and crisis counseling training to pastors, church leaders, and professionals in the war-torn areas of East and Central Africa.
  • To provide assistance for the care of the increasing number of orphans as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, wars, and extreme poverty.
  •  To strengthen the Church in these war-torn areas so as to promote reconciliation, healing, unity and peace in East and Central Africa.
  • To make Christ known to those who do not know Him through various evangelistic outreaches.
  • To train and equip leaders for church planting among unreached peoples in East and Central Africa and throughout the world.

Foundational Values:

  • In everything, Agape Global Missions rely on the authority of God’s Word as the standard for life and ministry.
  • We are passionate about God and His mission, as we proactively pursue the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  • We are visionaries who seek where God is already working.  We do new things new ways to accomplish His worldwide mission as the Spirit leads.
  • Prayer is a lifestyle for us and we petition the Lord of the Harvest regularly to send us laborers whom we can groom for worldwide ministry.
  • Whenever and wherever possible, we value working in teams within and outside of our organization.  Partnering is the foundation upon which we labor.
  • Our calling is to value every individual—regardless of race or gender.  We believe every person has a unique gift, talent and call, and should be trained and equipped to find his/her role in God’s global purpose.

Our Statement of Faith
Statement of Faith WE BELIEVE the BIBLE is the inspired Word of God and is our infallible guide in matters pertaining to conduct and doctrine (2 Timothy 3:15-17)

WE BELIEVE in the one true GOD who has revealed and manifested Himself in three persons:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit (1 John 5:7; Matthew 28:19).  We believe that Jesus Christ is both Lord and Savior.  And that He walked on the earth as both God and Man. ( 1 John 4:1-3; Romans 10:9-11; Titus 3:3-6)

WE BELIEVE that it is impossible to come to God the Father by any other means than through THE SON, the Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood (John 14:6; Acts 4:12).

WE BELIEVE that through ADAM’S FALL, sin came into the world and man’s first steps to the New Birth experience is repentance and belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (Romans 5:12-15; Mark 1:15).

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Moving to the Next Dimension in Ministry
Holistic MissionsAgape Global Missions has a vision of holistic ministry that will allow us to take the whole gospel through the whole person and the whole church to the whole world.

We seek to encourage all staff members and missionary volunteers to consecrate themselves through our corporate times fasting and praying so that each will allow God to work in and through them in a greater way to be a blessing to the nations of the world.Agape Global Missions has a vision of holistic ministry that will allow us to take the whole gospel through the whole person and the whole church to the whole world.

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